We have a vision…

“To change business, for good, and accelerate the impact of extraordinary NGO development projects.”

i=Change exists to accelerate the impact of extraordinary development projects focused on women and girls’ empowerment, and now also mitigate the impacts of climate change.

i=Change does this by making it simple and powerful for e-commerce businesses to give back and accelerate their sustainability journey.

There must be a better way…

Founder, Jeremy Meltzer, was moved to action while living in Cuba in his early twenties. He was shocked at how violence against women seemed accepted and was even considered ‘normal’. This left him with a burning question; why is abuse so common in some communities, abhorrent in others, and still an enormous issue globally?

This began a long journey, meeting with impact leaders. NGO’s and communities, to try to understand some of the key issues holding back communities – women and girls in particular – from realising their potential.

Jeremy believes a key solution lies in engaging men, challenging dominant versions of masculinity, modelling respectful relationships to children, and funding best-practice NGOs to accelerate the impact of their work.

Idea. Execution. Growth.

Jeremy was helping his father build their family olive oil business, Yellingbo Gold, when an idea arrived. What if Yellingbo committed a small donation from every sale, and simply asked their customers to choose where it goes? What if a solution could be built for other brands to give back the same way?

After much testing (and many mistakes), i=Change has become a unique tech solution that makes it simple and powerful for online businesses to give back, and ‘be the change’ by helping fund NGOs addressing key social and environmental issues of our time.

Sharing the Journey

Jeremy often speaks on sustainability, the purpose-led consumer and the unique data highlighting why impact-led business will become the only relevant model of business. He is passionate about bridging worlds between the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors, and the largely untapped opportunity this represents to powerfully connect consumers to brands, while funding best practice NGOs with deep expertise in creating social and environment change.

See Jeremy’s TEDx talk about ending violence again women.