Uplifting women out of poverty matters:

Stories from micro-entrepreneurs in India

#ChangeMatters is a series that deep dives into the incredible work of i=Change NGO partners and the change they are creating. i=Change CEO & Founder, Jeremy Meltzer, spends time abroad with these NGOs to capture inspiring content, meet the change-makers on the front lines and witness first-hand the impact being created.

i=Change has joined forces with Pollinate Group to highlight their work in empowering women to become micro-entrepreneurs in the latest #ChangeMatters.

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women live on less than $1.90 a day
people move every year from rural to city looking for a better life
people live without electricity

Stories and impact

Stories from micro-entrepreneurs and the impact of Pollinate Group’s work on women in India

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  • Kavalri Jewellery gives from every sale to:

    • Help restore sight
    • Support kids with cancer
    • Feed aussies in crisis
    Kavalri Jewellery
  • S/W/F Boutique gives from every sale to:

    • Protect a woman
    • Support a child to recover
    • Prevent women dying
    S/W/F Boutique
  • Bird & Knoll gives from every sale to:

    • Keep girls in school
    • Clothe the vulnerable
    • End the marriage of girls
    Bird & Knoll
  • Adrift gives from every sale to:

    • Support a woman
    • Give a new start
    • Protect a woman
  • Pieces Of Eight gives from every sale to:

    • Empower with literacy
    • Empower migrants
    • Protect a woman
    Pieces Of Eight
  • Clarins NZ gives from every sale to:

    • Support a girl's education
    • Support healthy children
    • Provide a safe birth
    Clarins NZ
  • I.AM Collections gives from every sale to:

    • Bring joy to sick kids
    • Give a new start
    • Support mental health
    I.AM Collections
  • Sahaja gives from every sale to:

    • Back her brilliance
    • Dignity during disaster
    • Feed aussies in crisis
  • Bixby and company gives from every sale to:

    • End the marriage of girls
    • Dignity during disaster
    • End hunger through gender equality
    Bixby and company
  • UNIKSPACE gives from every sale to:

    • Clean the sea
    • Educate a girl
    • Restore the land
  • Camilla gives from every sale to:

    • Prevent women dying
    • Protect a woman
    • End hunger through gender equality
  • Life Interiors gives from every sale to:

    • Restore the land
    • Feed aussies in crisis
    • Create a safe home
    Life Interiors