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Shopify – Getting started

There are two methods to integrate your store with i=Change, depending on the version of your checkout and thank you pages.

We recommend that if you have not yet published the upgraded thank you page on your site, that you go ahead and implement both the legacy and upgraded methods, so that when the time comes to upgrade to the new Thankyou and Order Status pages, you already have the i=Change app block in place. 

Step 1 – For stores using legacy Order Status page:

Settings > Checkout > Order status – Additional scripts

You will be able to determine if you are still using the legacy order status page in Shopify admin by going to Settings > Checkout > Configurations. At the top of the page in the Checkout configurations, if you see a notice (like in the above screenshot) advising that your Thankyou and Order Status pages need to be replaced, then you are using the legacy implementation method. 

  1. Scroll down to the Additional Scripts 
  2. If the field is still active, it means your store has not yet upgraded to the new thank you page and you can add the script below:

This code must be added as the final script in the Additional scripts field (just copy and paste the code below).

Note: this implementation method will not work after August 28, 2025 by which time you will need to have upgraded your checkout to the new thankyou pages. 

It will look something like this:


If the field is not active/disabled, it means your store is already using the new Thank you pages, and you can move to Step 2. 

Step 2 – For stores using upgraded checkout:

Settings > Checkout > Configurations

  1. In your store admin navigate to Settings/Checkout
  2. Locate the Configurations block at the top of the page.
  3. Click the ‘Customise’ button
  4. The checkout customiser will open on the Checkout page. At the top centre of your screen, use the dropdown to navigate to the Thank you page
  5. In the very left-hand side bar find and click on the Sections icon. This will display the page layout.
  6. At the very bottom of your screen, click the “Add App Block” link
  7. Click on the app named i=Change Checkout. This installs the app block on your page. The app won’t be visible until we activate your account.
  8. Save the updates to your page (top right) and exit the editor.
  9. Publish the new checkout when you have confirmed that there are no other scripts or apps that need replacing.

Here’s a quick video tutorial taking you through the above upgrade.

Also, here’s Shopify’s official help resource on upgrading the checkout if you are yet to do so.

Bonus for Shopify Plus merchants:

  1. Open the checkout editor and navigate to the Checkout page
  2. Add the app block to the page, using the same steps as above.
  3. If you are using Shop Pay, you will also need to click on the i=Change app, and then the Checkout behaviour dropdown and tick “Include App Block in Shop Pay”. 

Step 3 – Optional app blocks for your product and cart pages. 

Sales Channels > Online Store > Themes > Customise

  1. Open the theme customiser
  2. Navigate to your product page template(s)
  3. Depending on your theme version, on the left hand side either +Add App Block in your desired section, or in the far left hand menu navigate to “App Embeds”. We recommend placing the i=Change widget immediately above or below the Add to Cart button.
  4. Click on the app block to open up the customisation settings in the right hand pane of your browser window
  5. Save changes, and optionally add the widget to your cart page.

View the 5 min tutorial on how to add and style the app blocks.

If you have any questions, please reach out and we can help. If you get stuck, we can request collaborator access to your store and assist you. 

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