Customer’s care about the values of the brands they buy from, and are increasingly making purchase decisions based on this. i=Change is a powerful platform and ecosystem designed to communicate powerfully – and with 100% transparency – a brand’s commitment to impacting key social issues.

i=Change is a plug-&-play cause marketing solution. No need for staff and resources to implement and manage your own cause-marketing initiatives. On the i=Change website attract new customers, build brand equity, and powerfully communicate your commitment to impacting key social issues.

Our marketing tools drive value for your donations. On our dashboard, in real-time, know exactly how your customers interacting with your i=Change platform. Export this data to re-target etc.
As a ready-made Corporate Social Responsibility solution, i=C is very low cost and easily installed. It engages your customers with every sale, and aligns your brand with some of the most respected charities in the world.


  • Offers a powerful social media platform, offering your customers a new, compelling reason to share the impact of their purchase (and your brand) across their social media.
  • Creates positive brand positioning. Research shows over 90% of customers will support socially responsible businesses, when given the choice.
  • Connect. i=C establishes an immediate and emotionally powerful connection between your customers and your brand with ever sale.
  • The i=Change website offers a beautiful, 100% transparent philanthropy page, updated in real time as donations occur.
  • (Optional) i=Change’s ‘Postcards from the Field’. Our social-impact newsletter updates your customers on the issue they choose to support, while keeping brand recognition high.
  • Meaningfully differentiate yours brand from competition. Create a tipping point for customers when given a choice.
  • The i=C list of approved charity projects enables you to immediately align your brand with some of the most respected and recognized not-for-profit organisations.
  • Improve employee attraction, retention and motivation. i=Change gives your staff another reason to be proud. It unquestionably makes attracting top talent easier and lowers turnover. ‘Discretionary output’ cannot be bought with a salary – but only when engaging the heart.