How does i=Change work?

i=Change businesses commit a donation from every sale, and you get to choose where it goes! You can add your own donation if you wish. One charity project is always chosen on the i=Change platform, so the donation is always sent.

Are there start-up costs or transaction fees?

Once selected, your not-for-profit pays nothing. There are no administration fees, nor does i=Change deduct any fees from donations raised.

How does i=Change work for businesses

i=Change businesses commit a donation from every sale, and customers get to choose where it goes! Customers can add their own donation if they wish. One charity project is always chosen on the i=Change platform, so the donation is always sent to one project. Our APIs, such as our Shopify donation app, provide access to live counters, and numerous tools enable you to receive a marketing return on your commitment to giving back. Contact us with any questions

How can i=Change give 100% of donations?

We believe it’s important to forward 100% of donations raised and not keep a cent.

We’re able to do this by charging our retail partners a separate fee for use of the i=Change platform and ecosystem.

Do I donate when I purchase from a retailer?

This is what’s unique. The retailer makes the donation with every sale. You simply choose where to send it! You can add to their donation if you wish, but it’s your choice.

One charity project is always randomly chosen on the i=Change platform, so the retailer’s donation is always sent to one of three projects.

Is i=Change free?

Yes, i=Change is entirely free to use for the customer. We forward 100% retailer’s donations to the chosen charities. If you choose to add to the retailer’s donation, only credit card fees are deducted. i=Change does not deduct any fees from donations.

If I add my own donation – is it secure?

Yes, if you choose to add to the retailer’s donation, your donation is processed by National Australia Bank’s industry-leading Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, to ensure the security of your transaction.

Do my donations go to the projects I’ve selected?

This is really interesting… We do not guarantee donations go entirely to fund the charity projects you’ve selected, and we believe this is important. We give our partners the flexibility to also spend these funds on related projects, as needs arise in the communities they serve.

This actually creates the greatest impact. It allows these charities to respond to the immediate needs of people, and use their expertise to direct resources to be as effective as possible.

That said – donations are not sent as general ‘unrestricted funding’. Funds raised must be spent on the featured projects you have chosen, or on related projects when necessary.

How do the charities receive their donations?

Charity partners receive their donations from i=Change via electronic payments every 90 days.

I’d like my not-for-profit to be a beneficiary

i=Change is designed to complement your not-for-profit’s existing fundraising activities. We’ve created a simple yet highly innovative platform that raises new and sustainable funds, and also offers your supporters a new way to fund raise for you – by shopping i=Change retail partners.

We’re growing our partnership base of NGO’s slowly and with significant due diligence. Feel free to contact us and let us know about your work.

How does my charity receive its donations from retailers?

Your organisation will receive its donations from i=Change via electronic payments every 90 days.

Why should my business use i=Change?

Increase client engagement & loyalty by supporting people & planet / bring to life your impact & sustainability journey with 100% transparency

  • Engage customers with your sustainability & impact commitment along the customer journey (e.g on home, product & checkout pages)
  • Engage via Impact Campaigns & personalised flows that drive engagement, conversions & loyalty
  • Cap your giving to meet any budget. 100% donations forwarded
  • Select from vetted NGO projects – all partnerships are established – imagery & impact marketing content supplied
  • Access content to bring to life your impact
  • All admin & donations managed – receive a weekly dashboard with engagement stats & quarterly impact remittances (also for tax deductibility)
  • Simple set up & integration. Make a measurable impact with 100% transparency
Are there start-up costs or transaction fees?

Yes, there’s an initial set-up cost to customise and integrate your i=Change platform into your site. Once live – additional to each donation you make – we charge a small, separate transaction fee so we can forward 100% of donations.

Please contact us for details.

How are we charged?

We send an invoice following the end of each month. This is for donations made via your i=Change Platform, plus the i=Change transaction and plan fees.

Can I select the charities or projects I want to support?

We can work with you to choose projects you’re passionate about and resonate with your customers, team and business.

We’ve also a list of life-changing projects run by organisations we know are doing great work. They’ve passed a comprehensive due diligence process and – as much as possible – we’ve visited their work in the field to understand their methodology and commitment to best-practice community development. We can highly recommend the quality of their development work.

For more information see: Support a project

Are my donations tax deductible?

Yes, donations made to a charity with Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status are deductible for your businesses. i=Change will provide you with a tax deductible remittance every 90 days, showing 100% of your donations sent to your charity partners.

How do we pay for donations?

You will be issued an invoice every month, and your donations will be automatically debited from your nominated bank account or credit card 7 days later. Payment options include direct debit, or card payments via Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

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