How it works

An impact marketing platform helping brands drive engagement, loyalty & growth by making it simple & valuable to give back

Drive customer engagement, loyalty & growth

Elevate your ESG and sustainability by empowering customers to direct your donation to the issue they care to support.

  • Run impact campaigns – engage without discounting

  • Give to the projects your customers and business care about

  • Feature and support up to 3 projects

  • Support vetted NGO projects in Australia & globally

  • 100% of funds forwarded with full transparency
Trusted by 400+ brands who are changing the world

Engage customers where it counts

Add i=Change to your e-commerce store or website with our pre-built platform. Customers can choose where it goes:

  • Post-purchase on order confirmation pages

  • Pre-purchase in product and cart pages (Shopify only)
  • After submitting a form or clicking a link in your email marketing

Control your giving

Maintain visibility and flexibility over when and how much you give.

  • Give back a fixed amount or % of the order value

  • Set a monthly giving budget

  • Pause / unpause your giving for specific campaigns or periods
  • Receive quarterly receipts for tax deduction reporting

Engage with purpose

Inspire your customers into action, and help move the purchase decision from head to heart with i=Change’s marketing resources.

  • Run Double Down for Change campaigns without discounting

  • Access unique impact content curated from the NGOs

  • Share your giving across social and email marketing
  • Segment and re-market to customers based on the issue they care to support

Giving 100%. Always.

i=Change forwards 100% of donations raised to your chosen NGO projects.
i=Change does not deduct a fee from donations, nor charge our NGO partners a fee to be a funding recipient.

Meeting the need of the times

Integrate with your tech stack

Are you a Shopify merchant? Get started by installing the app.

Affordable & flexible pricing to help you scale

Online stores

from $29 monthly

Choose a pricing tier based on your avg. monthly transaction volume

Avg. Mthly transactionsTransaction fee
Up to 50040c
501 – 100035c
1001 – 250030c
2500 – 500025c
Over 5000Speak to us

The Transaction fee will be calculated based on your agreed volume tier. A minimum spend of $29 plus any donations applies.

The Transaction fee is additional to your donations – to so we can forward 100% donations.

A one-time $290 AUD / $190 USD integration fee is charged at the completion of your registration form.

Are you a Shopify merchant? Start by installing the app.

Business websites

from $99 monthly

Choose a pricing tier based on your size & donations

Annual turnoverTransaction fee
Up to $1m$99
$1m – $10m$290
$10m +$590

Plus the % fee based on your donations each month

Annual donationsTransaction fee
Less than $10005%
$1000 – 10,0004%
$10,001 +3%

The Transaction fee is additional to your donations – to so we can forward 100% donations.

A one-time $290 AUD / $190 USD integration fee is charged at the completion of your registration form.

Not a Shopify merchant?

Click get started button and we’ll send you a registration link.

Steps to giving back

Giving back is straightforward with i=Change. The first steps involve registering or downloading the Shopify app. After registering, we’ll send you the information you need to complete your onboarding.

The process takes 3-5 business days to get the platform provisioned and gain approval from our NGO partners. During this time you can be preparing your launch communications, and we’ll coordinate an launch time that suits you.

On launch, the donation platform will appear straight away on your site and we’ll be recording donations, to be collected from you at the end of the month.

Case studies from brands who give back

Clare & Pip
Co-founders, P.E Nation


Increase in transactions vs average


Increase in conversions vs average


Average order value increase vs average

The Seafolly


Increased ROAS vs average


Increased conversions vs no discount


ROI (new revenue vs campaign cost)

Gabrielle Manning


transaction increase vs average week


transaction increase vs average week


ROI (campaign revenue vs cost)

Businesses that authentically commit to being a force for good don’t just survive; they thrive. Case studies reveal that when a brand showcases both its products and purpose, it drives engagement, sales and loyalty – and delivers a ROI.

When given the choice, most of us will support a brand that gives back, over one that does not.

A donation is not ‘just a cost’ any more, but an impact marketing opportunity and powerful way to differentiate.

“i=Change is so simple. For me it was an instant ‘yes’. It’s made a measurable impact on our company, our culture, onsite engagement and conversions.”

Steve Philpott, CEO, Bond-Eye Group

Drive customer engagement and create brand evangelists.

Brands who give back are more likely to be loyal, while Millennials say they would pay even more where some goes to charity. Consumers want to know you aren’t just saying that you are giving back, which is why you want i=Change to manage the process and accountability for you.

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