How it works

An impact marketing platform that drives growth and loyalty for brands, while making it simple to give back to life-changing projects.

Drive customer engagement, growth and loyalty

Engage with impact by empowering customers to direct your donation to the issue they care about.

  • Drive higher cart value and conversion rates, without discounting

  • Run impact campaigns with powerful imagery and real life stories, rather than relying on product and promotion only

  • Support vetted NGO projects in Australia and globally

  • Build a loyal tribe, a community of customers who share your values and your commitment to creating change

Trusted by leading brands who are changing the world

Engage customers along the journey

Pre or post-purchase, add the customisable i=Change platform to your website. Your customers choose where your giving goes.

  • Pre-purchase in product, cart and checkout pages (Shopify)

  • Post-purchase on order confirmation / thank-you pages

  • Move the purchase journey from head to heart

  • Proven to increase average cart value and conversion rate

Impact marketing: engage with purpose

Powerfully differentiate. Move the purchase decision from head to heart with i=Change’s impact marketing resources.

  • Access unique, curated content from the NGOs

  • Share your impact and ‘stories of change’ across your channels

  • Run ‘Double Down for Change’ campaigns without discounting

  • Segment and re-market to customers based on the issue they care about

Control your giving

Maintain visibility and flexibility over when and how much you give.

  • Give a fixed amount or % of the order

  • Set a monthly giving budget

  • Pause / unpause your giving for specific campaigns or periods
  • Receive quarterly impact receipts for your tax deduction & reporting

Giving 100%. Always.

i=Change forwards 100% of donations.
Almost all NGO partners are DGR registered in Australia, so your donations are tax deductible