provide relief to communities in urgent need

help Ukraine, NSW and QLD Flood relief


Provide humanitarian relief

UNHCR is on the ground, providing immediate humanitarian support to over 1 million Ukrainians such as medicine, water, thermal blankets and cash relief.


Urgent food relief

Foodbank is providing urgent food relief to communities impacted by the floods in NSW and Queensland.


Restore dignity and hope

The floods that hit QLD and NSW have impacted over 50,000 people. Thread Together is a first responder to the relief effort, providing new essential clothing to women, men and children.

Become an i=Change brand to support Ukraine, NSW & QLD flood relief

The challenges

Northern NSW has been hit with 1-in-500 year floods. The community has rallied and everyday civilians have been performing lifesaving rescues, delivering supplies and helping clean up. We have just returned from Lismore and witnessed first-hand the destruction.

While the community’s support for each other is deeply inspiring Рofficial support was heartbreakingly slow to arrive. Many people still need basic food and clothing.

In response, we have quickly added two projects to i=Change, which i=Change brands can now support. There is also powerful content we have directly gathered, which brands can access to share and raise awareness.

We are also actively working with UNHCR Australia as over 1 million Ukrainians have already crossed into neighbouring countries to flee military hostilities.

UNHCR is on the ground, providing immediate humanitarian support such as medicine, water, thermal blankets and cash relief.

They are creating safe spaces for women and girls within Ukraine, and along routes taken to enter Poland and other countries.

UNHCR is prepared for this conflict to escalate, provide protection and meet the needs of extraordinary numbers of displaced people during this incredibly difficult time.

As a brand, if you are looking to support the communities affected by floods, you can become an i=Change brand. Once live, on your post-purchase i=Change platform, your customers will also be able to add donations of their own, to create further impact.

If you are an existing i=Change brand and wish to update your projects to support Ukraine and/or provide flood relief, please contact: