Can we change NGO projects?

Empowering businesses to be a force for good is at the heart of i=Change’s mission.

We believe the projects businesses support should reflect their values and contribute to making a positive impact on the world’s most pressing issues. Let’s explore how businesses like yours can easily switch to other NGO projects with i=Change, and effectively communicate the giving back journey.

The process

Switching projects with i=Change is a simple and seamless process. When your business decides to explore new opportunities and align your giving with different issues, simply:

  • Reach out to our team with your interest in exploring new opportunities
  • Confirm the project/s you would like to switch to and specify whether it’s a permanent or temporary change
  • Await our confirmation of NGO approval and completion of the change
  • Utilise the project assets we provide to start promoting your giving back journey

Showcasing your impact

We go the extra mile to showcase the projects you support and the funds raised in real time. Your business’s live-giving page, displayed on the i=Change website, becomes a powerful tool to authentically showcase your giving back journey. Or, you can build your own live impact page, and link to it via our API.


Knobby’s live giving page which showcases their funds raised in real time. They have raised over $40,000 and counting for impactful projects from Seabin Foundation, Women’s Community Shelters, and Starlight Foundation

Additionally, we update your donation platform that appears post-checkout, ensuring your customers are well-informed about the project they choose to support and are witnessing the tangible difference their purchase will make. This transparency fosters a deeper connection and shared sense of purpose between your business and your customers.


When can we change projects?

The answer is, anytime

In an ever-changing world, i=Change understands that your business values may evolve, and you will want to seek out projects more closely aligned with your mission and purpose. As you grow, we want to grow with you, so we offer the flexibility and capability for your business to request a project change at any time. 

You can also change projects for time-bound campaigns or participate in a Double Down for Change campaign to drive relevancy and maximise your impact. With Childhood Cancer Awareness Month coming up, you may want to switch to our NGO partner Redkite’s ‘Support kids with cancer’ project for the month of September. A temporary change like this allows your business to contribute to specific projects and maximise impact during impact days and months. 


Move Active are one of many i=Change businesses who changed their NGO projects temporarily to Pride projects from our partners ACON and Minus18 for Pride Month in June. 

To be kept in the loop of impact days and months, check out our Impact Calendar so that you can align your own marketing calendar in advance! 

Communicating your giving back journey

To assist your business in communicating the project change across your channels, we will provide you with relevant assets related to the chosen NGO. These assets empower your business to generate awareness and effectively communicate your support and our partnership. By leveraging these resources, your business can start making a tangible impact and drive positive change throughout your giving back journey. 

Essentially, at i=Change, we help to bridge the gap between businesses and NGOs, combining both strengths on each side to support people, planet, and profit. Let’s work together to continue to create a better world for all and future generations.


Unsure of what project/s to switch to?

  • Engage your staff internally and find out what projects from our platform they closely align with, 
  • Engage your customers on your social media channels and run a poll, giving you the opportunity to find out what social and/or environmental projects they value,
  • Or get in touch with us for a conversation about your business values, goals, and aspirations. We’ll help you find the right project to align with!

At i=Change, we believe that businesses possess the power to create positive change in the world. By providing a seamless process for changing NGO projects, we enable your business to have a greater impact and to support projects you and your customers are truly passionate about.

Join us in redefining business for good and make a lasting difference in the world.

Not an i=Change brand?
Start giving back to accelerate your sustainability journey today.


Shop brands that give back from every sale

  • Hendeer gives from every sale to:

    • Rewild Australia
    • Restore the land
    • Clean the sea
  • House of 9 gives from every sale to:

    • Support a child to recover
    • Provide life aid
    • Prevent trafficking with education
    House of 9
  • Phorus gives from every sale to:

    • Keep girls in school
    • Empower migrants
    • Emergency hunger relief
  • Nutra Organics gives from every sale to:

    • Protect a woman
    • Feed aussies in crisis
    • Help people, help planet
    Nutra Organics
  • Bare gives from every sale to:

    • Clothe the vulnerable
    • Protect a woman
    • Restore the land
  • Forcast gives from every sale to:

    • End the marriage of girls
    • Provide a safe birth
    • Protect a woman
  • Luxe Walls gives from every sale to:

    • Feed aussies in crisis
    • Protect a woman
    • Restore the Reef
    Luxe Walls
  • Little The Label gives from every sale to:

    • Empower with literacy
    • Restore the land
    • Educate a girl
    Little The Label
  • Staple the Label gives from every sale to:

    • Protect a woman
    • Restore the Reef
    • Dressing for success
    Staple the Label
  • Pilgrim Clothing gives from every sale to:

    • Protect a woman
    • Restore the land
    • Rewild Australia
    Pilgrim Clothing
  • Adventure Safety gives from every sale to:

    • Clean the sea
    • Restore the land
    • Restore the Reef
    Adventure Safety