Why your business should give back during the holidays

Anti-discount this BFCM

Increasingly, socially conscious consumers continue to prioritise their values when making purchase decisions, even in the face of economic uncertainties. Consequently, businesses are competing to gain extra momentum this holiday season as consumers seek ways to make their dollars count. 

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming up, the holiday season traditionally revolves around significant discounts and markdowns. For many businesses, it’s a time when profit margins and bottom lines often take centre stage. But what if there were a better way to approach the holidays—one that not only boosts brand loyalty but also impacts the lives of others?

Succeed with purpose-driven consumers

Price, convenience, and quality have traditionally guided purchasing decisions, but the landscape has undergone a transformation in the wake of the global pandemic. A recent study found that 89% of executives say companies that lead with purpose have a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace

Consumers demand more from brands:

  • Seeking a deeper connection,
  • A shared mission, and
  • An opportunity to make a difference with their purchases.

In response to this growing shift, businesses have the chance to redefine their holiday marketing strategies.

How you can maximise your impact during our Season of Giving

We have dubbed October to December to be the Season of Giving, filled with various impact days your business can speak to and participate in.

As an i=Change business, you can increase conversion, engagement and loyalty this season. Do this by educating your customers and encouraging them to shop as usual, with the extra gift of giving back to a charity of their choice.

Check out our 2023 Impact Calendar. 

Double Down for Change campaigns

Increase your giving during the holiday season and align with causes your customers care about by doubling down for change. Instead of discounting, give back from every transaction and engage your customers by empowering them to choose where it goes. 

Manning Cartell saw a 4071% return on investment (campaign cost vs revenue the campaign drove) over a 7-day period of doubling down for change. 


“We are so excited to see our customers are as passionate about giving back as we are! Our Double Down Campaign to support Mental Health Week saw traffic increase by 10% and orders increase by 16%” – Gabrielle Manning, CEO & Co-Founder of Manning Cartell

Using Stories of Change

As a business, it’s increasingly important to communicate the impact of your giving-back with 100% transparency especially during our Season of Giving. 

At i=Change, we collect these Stories of Change from our NGO partners so you don’t have to. Use this content to feature your support and impact across your channels through blog posts, social media and EDMs. 

These Stories of Change are more than just an offering when you join i=Change, it’s a bridge that connects the intentions of your business with the hearts of your customers. Additionally, as you face a competitive market, having a unique storytelling element can set you apart. 

As you embark on your giving back journey, we will provide additional marketing support on how, where and why you should communicate these stories. 

Read our Stories of Change here.

Take this opportunity to use the 2023 holiday season as a way to create a meaningful impact on people and planet. Crafting a holiday strategy centred on making a meaningful impact not only nurtures real change but also harmonises with evolving consumer inclinations and emerging trends. As we shift from product and promotion to product and purpose, there’s never been a better time for businesses to give back.

Not an i=Change business?
Start giving back to accelerate your sustainability journey today.


Shop businesses that give back from every transaction

  • Bianca Spender gives from every sale to:

    • Restore the land
    • Feed aussies in crisis
    • Dressing for success
    Bianca Spender
  • Adventure Safety gives from every sale to:

    • Clean the sea
    • Restore the land
    • Restore the Reef
    Adventure Safety
  • Lighting Collective gives from every sale to:

    • Protect a woman
    • Respond to emergencies
    • Clean the sea
    Lighting Collective
  • Sahaja gives from every sale to:

    • Back her brilliance
    • Dignity during disaster
    • Feed aussies in crisis
  • Yves Lashes gives from every sale to:

    • Provide a safe birth
    • Help restore sight
    • Support kids with cancer
    Yves Lashes
  • House Of Lacuna gives from every sale to:

    • End hunger through gender equality
    • End the marriage of girls
    • Clean the sea
    House Of Lacuna
  • Body Buddies gives from every sale to:

    • Support mental health
    • Respond to emergencies
    • Bring joy to sick kids
    Body Buddies
  • Cadelle Leather gives from every sale to:

    • Prevent women dying
    • Support homeless youth
    • End the marriage of girls
    Cadelle Leather
  • Caitlin Louise Collection gives from every sale to:

    • Restore the land
    • Bring joy to sick kids
    • Support mental health
    Caitlin Louise Collection
  • QED Skincare gives from every sale to:

    • Protect a woman
    • Support mental health
    • Help cancer patients
    QED Skincare
  • Angela Wozniak Jewellery gives from every sale to:

    • Restore the land
    • Clean the sea
    • Protect a woman
    Angela Wozniak Jewellery
  • Quite Frankly Natural gives from every sale to:

    • Clean the sea
    • End violence against women
    • Provide life aid
    Quite Frankly Natural
  • Staple the Label gives from every sale to:

    • Protect a woman
    • Restore the Reef
    • Dressing for success
    Staple the Label