How businesses can support Earth Day

With the global spotlight on environmental issues growing brighter every day, supporting Earth Day (April 22) has never been more crucial for businesses. 

Embracing sustainability and making a positive impact on the planet doesn’t just benefit the environment but also resonates with customers who value corporate social responsibility. 

Today, we will delve into Earth Day business ideas and explore ways for businesses to celebrate the occasion while integrating cause-marketing strategies that not only promote the cause but also showcase a brand’s genuine commitment to sustainability.

Embracing Earth Day

How to start the sustainability conversation 

Starting an Earth Day initiative within your business begins with a clear plan and a genuine desire to make a difference. Begin by: 

  • Setting achievable sustainability goals that align with your company’s values and capabilities. Whether that’s optimising packaging to reduce waste for eCommerce brands or giving back from every invoice environmental causes as a professional services firm. There’s no shortage of sustainability goals you can set! 
  • Engage your team by educating them on the importance of Earth Day and the environment, creating a shared sense of purpose. 
  • Encourage employees to contribute ideas on how the business can reduce its carbon footprint. Simple actions such as implementing recycling programs, minimising waste, or conserving energy can serve as powerful starting points. 
  • Consider appointing a sustainability officer or committee to oversee these efforts and maintain momentum. 

Taking these initial steps not only demonstrates your commitment to the environment but also positions your business as a leader in sustainability within your community.

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Successful Earth Day ideas

A successful Earth Day campaign can take many forms, but the most impactful are those that combine environmental responsibility with community engagement. 

  • Businesses can launch a product line where a portion of each sale is donated to environmental causes. 
  • Partner with local organisations to sponsor clean-up days in parks or along waterways, directly improving the local environment. 
  • Offer customers who bring their own reusable bags or containers not only encourages eco-friendly practices but also promotes your business as environmentally conscious. 
  • Host workshops or talks on sustainability can educate and inspire both your team and the public. 

Remember, the key is to choose activities that resonate with your brand’s identity and values while making a tangible difference for the planet.

How businesses can celebrate Earth Day

Hosting eco-friendly events to mark Earth Day

Celebrating Earth Day can extend beyond internal operations to hosting eco-friendly events that engage the broader community. Consider organising events such as:

  • Tree planting activities, where each participant can contribute to local reforestation efforts. 
  • A green fair with booths that showcase sustainable products, practices, and educational materials can inform and involve the community. 
  • Collaborate with other businesses that prioritise sustainability on social media and release a series of content that educates, inspires and motivates others into action.

When planning these events, be mindful of the environmental impact by using digital invitations, biodegradable materials, and ensuring proper waste disposal. 

i=Change staff member's at Greening Australia's tree planting activity in the lead up to World Earth Day

The i=Change team, visited Greening Australia’s Native Seed Centre for Restoration which collects, cleans, propagates, and grows a variety of native species for their restoration work. In one day we were able to plant over 2,000 seedlings.

Participating in community Earth Day projects

Participation in community projects is a powerful way for businesses to celebrate Earth Day. By joining local initiatives, companies can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and climate change action. This might include contributing to the construction of community gardens that promote urban green spaces or taking part in local environmental advocacy campaigns. 

Businesses can also offer volunteer time off for employees to support Earth Day events or partner with schools to educate the next generation on environmental stewardship is another way to make a long-lasting impact. 

Such authentic involvement often receives positive media attention, which can enhance a business’s reputation as a change-maker in the community. Engaging in these collective efforts not only benefits the environment but also strengthens relationships with customers and the community at large.

Green policies – a long-term Earth Day celebration

Earth Day is not just a yearly event but a call to adopt long-term green policies within your business. This commitment can be actualized by integrating sustainable practices into your company’s core operations. You can start by:

  • Conducting energy audits and setting targets for energy efficiency, or by shifting to renewable energy sources.
  • Implementing a company-wide recycling and composting program. 
  • Implementing a paperless policy or sourcing office supplies from environmentally responsible vendors. 
  • Incentivising employees to use public transportation, bike to work, or carpool. 

These green policies should not be seen as one-time actions but as part of a continuous effort to lessen your business’s environmental footprint. 

Example of Adrift Clothing's recycling program for their consumers to send back their used clothing. An example of an effective program to launch at World Earth Day

i=Change brand, Adrift, launched Adrift Re-Loved which gives their customers the option to send their pre-loved Adrift styles back to Adrift HQ, for the team to then determine on whether the products can be donated, resold or recycled. Once they have sent the garment back, Adrift rewards their customers with an e-voucher. 

Recommended NGOs who are focused on addressing environmental issues 

Our top picks for NGO projects businesses can support this Earth Day

Support the NGOs focused on the environmental issues you and your customer care about. i=Change is making it simple to give back to them from every sale or when sending an invoice with all due diligence and NGO partnerships managed for you.

We love donating to causes close to our hearts. Customers care about the values behind your brand, so doing the right thing is no longer optional. It is important to stay relevant to your customers.” – Ellie, Go for Zero

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Marketing your businesses’ Earth Day Initiatives

Creating a buzz around your Earth Day activities

To maximise the impact of your Earth Day initiatives, it’s important to create excitement and awareness around your activities. Here’s some ideas below to help you get started:

  • Announce your Earth Day plans through your company’s social media channels, website, and email newsletters. 
  • Craft stories that highlight your efforts and the positive environmental impact they have. 
  • Engage your audience by inviting them to participate in challenges or to share their own eco-friendly actions using a special hashtag. 
  • Reach out to local media and offer interviews or write opinion pieces on the importance of sustainability in business. 
  • Collaborate with influencers or community leaders who are passionate about the environment to amplify your message. 

By creating a buzz around your Earth Day activities, you not only raise awareness but also encourage others to join in the movement towards a sustainable future.

An i=Change brand, Koy Resort, and a social media post example to feature their commitment to sustainability

i=Change brand, Koy Resort, increased their giving to $2 for 24 hours to Seabin Foundation to promote their commitment to sustainability and protecting the planet. Ultimately, encouraging their customers to shop with extra impact.

Using Earth Day to showcase your commitment to sustainability

Earth Day provides an ideal opportunity for businesses to highlight their commitment to sustainability. Use this day to communicate the eco-friendly measures your company has implemented, such as reducing waste, conserving energy, or sourcing sustainable materials. 

Share your sustainability journey with your customers by detailing the steps taken and the goals set. Transparency is key; let your audience know about both your successes and challenges. 

This honesty builds trust and positions your business as a transparent operator in the eyes of consumers. You can also take this chance to announce new sustainability initiatives or goals, reinforcing your ongoing dedication to the cause. 

Remember, showcasing your commitment to sustainability on Earth Day strengthens your brand’s image and resonates with environmentally conscious consumers, setting you apart in the marketplace.

Earth Day marketing: focusing on genuine environmental impact

When marketing your Earth Day initiatives, it’s crucial to focus on the real environmental impact rather than just the promotional aspect. Customers are savvy and can distinguish between genuine efforts and greenwashing. 

Make sure your Earth Day marketing campaigns are backed by concrete actions, such as partnerships with reputable environmental organisations, verified offsets for carbon emissions, or tangible outcomes like the number of trees planted. Share data and stories that demonstrate the direct effect of your initiatives on the environment and community – i=Change offers analytics to track engagement, growth and impact of purpose-driven campaigns. See how it works.

By focusing on the genuine impact, you not only build credibility but also inspire others to take meaningful action. Remember, Earth Day marketing should not just be about selling a product; it should be about promoting a movement towards sustainability and showing how your business is making a real difference.

Let’s be the change, together.

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