How businesses can support International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is a global celebration that raises awareness about gender equality and promotes the rights and achievements of women worldwide. For businesses, this day provides an opportunity to not only show support but also create lasting change. By giving back and getting involved, businesses can contribute to issues they care about and change the lives of women. 

Let’s explore how your business can give back for International Women’s Day, the i=Change NGO partners focused on women & girls empowerment, actionable strategies for impactful activities and how to promote your involvement.

The ultimate goal is to help you become change-makers and social advocates, making a positive impact for women on this day and beyond.

How businesses can give back for International Women’s Day

Integrating cause marketing into strategy

Cause marketing, a strategy that combines business growth with societal impact, is a powerful tool businesses can leverage for International Women’s Day. This involves aligning with issues that resonate with your brand’s values and your customer’s interests. For example, if you care about promoting female empowerment, consider giving back to NGOs that support women’s education or gender equality.

The key to successful cause marketing lies in authenticity. Your engagement with the cause should go beyond mere symbolism; it should be integrated into your business strategy. This can involve contributing a dollar amount or percentage of sales to the cause, launching specific products or services that support the cause, or volunteering time and resources to support directly.

Cause marketing not only helps to create a positive social impact but also boosts your brand’s reputation and builds deeper connections with your customers. A well-executed cause marketing campaign can generate powerful brand loyalty and differentiate your business in a crowded market. However, it must be genuine and aligned with both your brand values and those of your audience to truly succeed.


Social impact and brand loyalty

Creating social impact through involvement on days like International Women’s Day can significantly increase brand loyalty. Today’s consumers are more conscious about the values and principles of the brands they support. They are more likely to engage with brands that demonstrate social responsibility and take an active role in making a positive difference in society.

When your business aligns its values with a cause like International Women’s Day, it sends a strong message to your customers about your brand’s commitment to gender equality. This can create a deeper emotional connection between your brand and your customers.

Investment in social impact can also boost your brand’s reputation, making it more attractive to potential customers. People are more likely to support and recommend brands that are known for their social impact initiatives. Thus, aligning your business with International Women’s Day not only contributes to a good cause but also helps to cultivate a loyal customer base and a strong brand reputation. 

Recommended NGOs who are involved with International Women’s Day

Choosing the right NGOs

Understanding your consumers’ values towards NGOs is a critical step when deciding on a collaboration for International Women’s Day. Consumers are becoming more discerning about the causes and organisations that brands associate with. They expect transparency, accountability, and tangible impact from the NGOs that brands choose to partner with.

To meet consumer expectations, it’s important to conduct thorough research about the NGOs you are considering for collaboration. Understand their mission, their impact, and how they align with your brand’s values and your customers’ interests. This involves looking at their track record, their governance structure, their transparency in reporting, and the effectiveness of their initiatives. Lucky for you, i=Change conducts all the due diligence and manages the NGO partnerships for you!

Our top picks for NGO projects businesses can support this International Women’s Day

Ready to create change this International Women’s Day? Join i=Change’s, Shop for Change, a 3-day impact focused online shopping event where participating brands triple their impact to feature their support for women & girls.


Strategies for a successful International Women’s Day

Corporate social responsibility in action

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) involves businesses taking ethical actions that positively impact society. Implementing CSR activities in alignment with International Women’s Day is a practical way for businesses to demonstrate their commitment to gender equality and women’s empowerment.

Activities can range from:

  • Making donations to women-focused NGOs, 
  • Volunteering time and resources, 
  • Initiating internal policies that promote gender equality within your business. 

These corporate social responsible actions not only make a positive societal impact but also showcase the brand’s values to its customers and stakeholders.

A successful CSR strategy should be an integral part of the business model, not just a one-off event. This means that the initiatives launched on International Women’s Day should be part of a broader, ongoing commitment to making a social impact. 

By taking a CSR marketing approach, your business can make a positive impact that ripples beyond just one day and contributes to long-term change. It also demonstrates to customers that the brand is genuinely committed to the issue, which, in turn, can strengthen brand loyalty and reputation.

The role of i=Change

i=Change is a tech and cause marketing platform that allows businesses to donate from every sale to vetted NGO projects. By partnering with us for International Women’s Day, your business can donate to NGOs focused on addressing the issues facing women in Australia and abroad.

Existing i=Change businesses participate in our annual International Women’s Day campaign, Shop for Change, a women & girls impact focused online shopping event where businesses give back $3 or 3% per online sale for three days. No discount but a simple call to action to: Shop For Change. 

Why hundreds of brands join this campaign:

  • A ready-built IWD campaign, with all tech and NGO partners in place
  • Easily communicate their purpose and increase customer engagement
  • Track and share real-time impact with 100% transparency
  • Simple integration in 5 business days
  • NGO imagery & content provided by i=Change
  • All financials, admin and compliance are managed by i=Change

Businesses are able to provide crucial funding for NGOs and feature their support for women & girls via the i=Change platform.

Participating in cause-marketing campaigns like Shop for Change for International Women’s Day strategy can be a powerful way to connect with your customers on a deeper level.


Promote your involvement with International Women’s Day


Include impact-focused messaging on your website around International Women’s Day to promote your charitable giving initiatives: 

  • Create a dedicated blog post with a countdown and call to action to shop your product
  • Add a tracker to your site so customers can see the real time donations amounting
  • Change your shipping banner for the three days
  • Have a dedicated campaign banner directly linking to product
  • Update product, cart and checkout pages with the donation amount
  • Trigger a pop up for customers to remind them of the donation and giving back on IWD

Social media 

Include impact-focused messaging on your website homepage around International Women’s Day to promote your charitable giving initiatives. 

  • Update your social platform bio in the lead up to International Women’s Day
  • Use the question sticker to ask your audience about causes they care about – you can gain insights that can aid in making business decisions.
  • Use the swipe up feature to promote your giving back with a direct call to action to shop your products. Followers can access right from Instagram Stories to shop with impact.
  • Build suspense for the campaign using the countdown feature 
  • Share post campaign impact data and results for 100% transparency

International Women’s Day Shop for Change campaign: brand examples

Camilla, Bond-Eye, POSSE, Kivari, and Wrinkles Schminkles are one of many i=Change brands who committed to giving back $3 over 3 days for International Women’s Day. They promoted their giving back across their website and social media platforms to empower customers to Shop for Change!


International Women’s Day is a day to support women and girls, inspire your team and engage your customers to create lasting change. 

Consider using this day as a launching pad for your impact journey. By doing so, you create sustained engagement beyond International Women’s Day and demonstrate your company’s ongoing commitment to building a better world.

Let’s be the change together.

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    • Support mental health
    • Give a new start
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