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i=Change makes it simple to accelerate your sustainability journey, by giving back to people & planet.

Engage your customers in your values & commitment to building a better world.

Here’s how your business can ‘be the change’.

  • $ raised & counting
  • up to 1,586,768 lives impacted
  • up to 4261kg carbon stored

Integrate with your tech stack

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  • Join a growing ecommerce & consumer movement
  • Accelerate your sustainability journey with 100% transparency
  • Meet consumer expectations that their choice = change

How it works


Give back from every sale. Your customers choose where it goes

  • Your i=Change platform engages every customer post-purchase
  • Customers get to choose where it goes
  • 100% of donations are forwarded
  • Donations are tax deductible


With 100% transparency, track the impact on your live giving page

  • Track your impact in real-time
  • Provide 100% transparency
  • Display your total raised in real-time on your site via our API
  • Access content to communicate your impact across your channels


Analytics track engagement,  growth and impact of purpose-driven campaigns

  • Track customer engagement in your weekly dashboard
  • Add impact messages into the customer journey. See how your giving drives growth
  • Track your ‘Double Donation Campaigns’. Drive conversions without discounting

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Our 100% giving model

i=Change forwards 100% of donations, as chosen by you and your customers.

To create maximum impact & forward 100% of donations, there is 1 fee per transaction – separate & additional to donations.

This impact fee is based on your average monthly transaction volume. Your donation & impact fee is only charged when your i=Change platform appears after a confirmed transaction on your site.

Access all platform features including:

  • weekly customer insights & analytics
  • stories of change – impact content for your channels
  • real-time giving tools to engage customers & drive growth
  • all NGO due diligence conducted & partnerships managed
  • 100% donations forwarded
  • impact reporting

How only a few sales can cover the cost

Your monthly volume of transactions (volume not value)
Your average order value ($AOV)
Approx number of sales required to cover cost (after tax)

Results & what retailers say

Clare & Pip
Co-founders, P.E Nation


Increase in transactions vs average


Increase in conversions vs average


Average order value increase vs average

The Seafolly


Increased ROAS vs average


Increased conversions vs no discount


ROI (new revenue vs campaign cost)

Gabrielle Manning


transaction increase vs average week


transaction increase vs average week


ROI (campaign revenue vs cost)

Impact & what NGOs say

Audette Exel AO
Founder, Adara Group

“i=Change demonstrates the transformative power business can have on the lives of vulnerable communities.

This innovative model helps us prevent the trafficking of children in Nepal, and ensure premature babies survive in Uganda.”

Audette Exel AO
Founder, Adara Group

Dermot O’Gorman
CEO, WWF Australia

“I care about building a future in which humans and nature live in harmony.

While WWF helps save wildlife, protect oceans and forests, the great challenge is also feeding 8 billion people sustainably and reversing the climate crisis.”

Dermot O’Gorman
CEO, WWF Australia

Simone Parsons
COO, Women’s Community Shelters

“I care about the lives of the individual women and children that we keep safe.

Connecting with them – and their stories – is what motivates and drives me to make a difference, in often the most challenging times of their lives.”

Simone Parsons
COO, Women’s Community Shelters

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