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  • We have a commitment to due diligence

    How do we choose NGO partners?
  • Reconciliation or anti-colonialism
  • Girls in tech
  • Business as a force for good
  • Akilah-Institute-Is-An-i=Change-NGO-Partner-That-Businesses-Can-Be-Giving-Back-To-As-This-Project-Focuses-On-Building-A-Woman's-Future

    Giving more than $1
  • From little things, big things grow

    500 million tree planting pledge
  • No longer just a noble idea

    The business of sustainability
  • Empowering women & girls in the Pacific

    Papua New Guinea is beautiful and wild
  • Thread-Together-is-an-i=Change-NGO-partner-that-businesses-can-switch-to

    Can you change NGO projects?
  • Creating a shared purpose

    Empowering staff & teams
  • Healing our home

    Earth Day
  • UNHCR-is-an-i=Change-NGO-partner-that-businesses-give-back-to

    What is a live-giving page?
  • The-Social-Studio-one-of-i=Change-NGO-partners

    Why you should join i=Change
  • How can we give back through i=Change?
  • Plate-It-Forward-Camille-plating-food-and-serving

    Why your business should give back during the holidays
  • UN-women-image-of-two-women-in-Somalia

    What is social impact?