End the marriage of girls

Change the future for girls

End the marriage of girls

Change the future for girls

South Asia


The Challenge

Young girls are the most vulnerable in India. 2 in every 5 marriages in India involve a child.

The state of Bihar has one of the highest rates of child marriage, where 46% of girls marry before the legal age of 18. These girls are not only denied their childhood but suffer from developmental issues due to early pregnancy. They become vulnerable to STI’s including HIV/AIDS, increased risk of domestic violence, and limited opportunities for education and employment.

When girls are empowered, they grow into empowered women who break down patriarchal structures. The effects ripples into their families and communities, promoting social justice, gender equality and economic development.

The Hunger Project works with adolescent girls in India to exercise their voice and agency, increasing their ability to change their futures, follow their dreams, and end their own hunger.

Our Impact

$5 =

enables 50 women to participate in a meeting hosted by trained women leaders, held in safe spaces at the homes of village women, to learn about critical issues affecting them and their communities, like ending the marriage of girls.



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