Provide LGBTQIA+ education

Teach queer inclusion

Provide LGBTQIA+ education

Teach queer inclusion



The Challenge

LGBTQIA+ youth need our help.

Up to 21% of Australian high school students identify as LGBTQIA+ but 66% of Australian LGBTQIA+ youth experience bullying or harassment based upon their identity. Even more, 81% of LGBTQIA+ students believe their school doesn’t support them, and teachers aren’t doing enough to stop bullying.

Education for students and teachers is key to creating an Australia free from discrimination, both in and out of the classroom.

Minus18 delivers education and training in schools across Australia, transforming communities and enabling others to champion inclusivity. $15 support one student or teacher to attend a 90 minute workshop, to learn the skills to support queer youth at their school.

Our Impact

$15 =

enables one participant to attend a workshop



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