Reduce need and waste

Provide essential goods

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Reduce need and waste

Provide essential goods

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The Challenge

Australians are doing it tougher than ever. As more than $2.5 billion of brand-new goods go to waste every year - Good360 are passionate about reducing need and waste, helping people and planet.

Good360 connects businesses donating brand new goods and services with the most vulnerable in our communities, creating a circle of good that reduces waste in the world. Everyone benefits: individuals, businesses, communities and the environment.

In the last 2 years due to back-to-back disasters, people who would not normally ask for help are now vulnerable. The need is greater than ever. Good360 gets the right goods to the right people at the right time, helping provide hope and dignity.

Our Impact

$5 =

$100 worth of new & essential items to a person in need



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