Shop for Change

International Women’s Day

March 8-10, 2024

What is Shop for Change?

The last four years has seen a fast-paced shift in consumer behaviour. In this fragile time, we’re shopping brands that reflect our values; creating social impact or driving environmental sustainability to mitigate climate change.

Shop for Change is an impact-focused online shopping event launching International Women’s Day (8-10 March 2024) where participating brands commit to giving back $3 or 3%  for 3 days.

Why now?

Creating impact is now a key consumer focus as they continue to seek meaningful ways to connect with brands.

We expect businesses to create impact, be part of the solution & have an authentic purpose beyond product.

Join us to meet Australian’s expectations to Shop for Change.

How you can be involved

Be the Change

Join the movement

i=Change makes it simple to accelerate your sustainability journey, by giving back to women & girls empowerment from every sale.

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Why Now

Become a campaign sponsor

Align your brand with the giving economy, and help raise awareness for women & girls’ empowerment. Help back our mission to give back to life-giving projects.

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Drive more sales

Shop participating brands

Show your support to brands who want to be the real change-makers, and who are tripling their commitment to giving back for International Women’s Day.

See who’s involved

Featured brands

  • gives from every sale to:

    • Clothe the vulnerable
    • Feed aussies in crisis
    • Empower migrants
    Nobody Denim
  • gives from every sale to:

    • Protect a woman
    • Feed aussies in crisis
    • Continue her education
    Alias Mae
  • gives from every sale to:

    • Protect a woman
    • Restore the land
    • Help cancer patients
  • gives from every sale to:

    • Prevent women dying
    • Protect a woman
    • Empower a leader
  • gives from every sale to:

    • Restore the Reef
    • Keep girls in school
    • Prevent women dying
    TJ Swim
  • gives from every sale to:

    • Protect a woman
    • Support a child to recover
    • Bring joy to sick kids
    National Tiles

Give $3 or 3% from every sale, over 3 days from March 8 – 10, 2024.

Sign up today, and let’s be the change together.

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Did you know? 9 out of 10 customers want to purchase from purposeful brands - Retailbiz.

Support these projects

  • Empower with self-employment


    Global Sisters

    Back her brilliance
  • ReLove-campaign-image-of-two-girls-hugging

    Help create a new start



    Create a safe home
  • Change her life


    Her Future Coalition

    Educate a girl
  • Help girls to not miss school


    Plan International Australia

    Keep girls in school
  • Help her achieve financial independence


    Dress For Success Australia

    Give a new start
  • Protect women and girls


    UN Women

    End violence against women
  • Provide emergency dignity kits for women


    UN Women

    Dignity during disaster
  • Provide a safe space


    Save the Children

    Continue her education
  • Help prevent maternal & infant death


    Mae Tao Clinic

    Save mother's lives
  • To survive and heal


    Ovarian Cancer Australia

    Support a woman
  • Transform lives after slavery


    Hagar Australia

    Empower survivors
  • keep Rohingya children safe from trafficking


    Plan International Australia

    Protect Rohingya children
  • Change the future for girls


    The Hunger Project Australia

    End the marriage of girls
  • Prepare her for a meaningful career


    Akilah Institute

    Build a woman's future
  • Provide shelter to a woman


    Womens Community Shelters

    Protect a woman
  • Give girls a future


    Adara Development

    Prevent trafficking with education
  • So-They-Can-image-of-school-kids-in-Kenya

    Keep girls in school


    So They Can

    Support a girl's education
  • Full-Stop-Australia-project-image-for-support-her-recovery-from-violence-project

    A life free from violence


    Full Stop Australia

    Support her recovery
  • Help her achieve financial independence


    Dress for Success Worldwide

    Dressing for success
  • UNICEF-PNG-Teenpreneurs-campaign-image

    Education in Papua New Guinea


    UNICEF Australia

  • Empower migrants with job skills


    The Social Studio

    Empower migrants