Shop for Change

International Women’s Day

March 8-10

Shop for Change

The Masterclass

Shop for Change is an annual impact-focused event that launches on International Women’s Day from 8 – 10 March, where brands give back $3 or 3% for 3 days.

Consumers are looking for reasons to remain loyal to brands. Giving back to issues your customers care about enhances your brand credibility, grows your lifetime customer value and inspires loyalty.

Why join?

Creating impact is now a key consumer focus. Consumers increasingly expect businesses to create impact, to be ‘part of the solution’.

  • Grow customer loyalty: brands enable their customers to make an impact for issues they care about by shopping directly with them.
  • Ready-built IWD campaign: authentically showcase your commitment to women & girls with tech & NGO partners in place
  • Bespoke impact content: access to powerful social content to promote their involvement across social media, emails and website.

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91% of consumers are likely to switch to a brand that supports a good cause if price & quality are similar.
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women and girls lives impacted

i=Change International Women’s Day Shop for Change has impacted the lives of over 11,000 women & girls.

What impact can we achieve together this year?

Give $3 or 3% from every sale, over 3 days from March 8 – 10, 2025.

Join us and let’s be the change, together.

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Be the change

Be the Change

Join the movement

i=Change makes it simple to accelerate your sustainability journey, by giving back to empower women & girls.

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Why Now

Become a partner

Next IWD, align your brand with the sustainability movement.

Receive key brand placement across Shop for Change campaign channels and assets.

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Drive more sales

Shop participating brands

On IWD and beyond, support brands that give back to life-changing women and girls’ empowerment projects.

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Participating brands

  • Alias Mae gives from every sale to:

    • Protect a woman
    • Feed aussies in crisis
    • Continue her education
    Alias Mae
  • Clarins gives from every sale to:

    • Protect a woman
    • Restore the land
    • Help cancer patients
  • Camilla gives from every sale to:

    • Prevent women dying
    • Protect a woman
    • End hunger through gender equality
  • TJ Swim gives from every sale to:

    • Restore the Reef
    • Keep girls in school
    • Prevent women dying
    TJ Swim
  • National Tiles gives from every sale to:

    • Protect a woman
    • Support a child to recover
    • Bring joy to sick kids
    National Tiles
  • Life Interiors gives from every sale to:

    • Restore the land
    • Feed aussies in crisis
    • Create a safe home
    Life Interiors

Be the change, when you Shop for Change

Support these projects

  • Prepare her for a meaningful career


    Akilah Institute

    Build a woman's future
  • Two women from India

    Support a change-maker


    The Hunger Project Australia

    End hunger through gender equality
  • Empower migrants with job skills


    The Social Studio

    Empower migrants
  • So-They-Can-image-of-school-kids-in-Kenya

    Keep girls in school


    So They Can

    Support a girl's education
  • Transform lives after slavery


    Hagar Australia

    Empower survivors
  • Train micro-entrepreneurs


    Pollinate Group

    Empower women
  • UNICEF-PNG-Teenpreneurs-campaign-image

    Education in Papua New Guinea


    UNICEF Australia

  • To survive and heal


    Ovarian Cancer Australia

    Support a woman
  • Support her financial independence


    CARE Australia

    Empower women in the Pacific
  • Provide a safe space


    Save the Children

    Continue her education
  • Give girls a future


    Adara Development

    Prevent trafficking with education
  • Dress for Success project image

    Help her achieve financial independence


    Dress for Success Australian Affiliates

    Give a new start
  • Protect women and girls


    UN Women

    End violence against women