Shop for Change

International Women’s Day
March 8-10, 2023

“9 out of 10 consumers want to purchase from purposeful brands” Retailbiz


What is Shop For Change?

An impact-focused online shopping event launching International Women's Day (8-10 March 2023) for 3 days.

Participating retailers will give back $3 from every sale. No discount but a simple call to action to: Shop For Change.


Why now?

Creating impact is now a key consumer focus. Consumers are seeking meaningful ways to connect with brands.

We expect retailers to create impact - be part of the solution - have an authentic purpose beyond product.


Drive conversions

As purpose drives growth, this is a powerful opportunity for brands to increase relevance and resilience.

Incorporating giving - and it’s impact - into your storytelling with inspiring content, drives engagement & conversions.

When you
Shop for Change,
your choice = change

Why now?

The last two years has seen a fast-paced shift in consumer behaviour. In this fragile time, we’re shopping brands that reflect our values; creating social impact or driving environmental sustainability to mitigate climate change.

Join us to meet Australian’s expectations to Shop for Change.

Campaign assets

As a participating brand, receive shareable assets for your website and social platforms, including powerful campaign videos, featuring some of Australia’s most recognisable faces in the retail and NGO sector.

You will also receive post campaign impact data – a great tool to share with customers your commitment to creating change

Join us

As consumers increasingly shop their values, the brands who transparently and authentically built purpose into their story, quite simply, do better. This is a unique and historic moment, as retail shifts from product and promotion to product and purpose.

Consumers are looking to Shop for Change. 2023 will be the year of purpose.

Please note, to participate in Shop for Change you must be an i=Change brand. Head to ‘join the movement’ to come onboard.