Shopify Donation App

Shopify donation app

Join the movement of giving back with i=Change, empowering your customers to seamlessly donate on your Shopify store as part of the checkout process.

Donation Checkout for your Shopify Store

Our Shopify charity donation app not only streamlines the giving experience for your customers but also enables your brand to accelerate its sustainability journey by contributing to people and the planet.

How it Works


Give back from every sale.
Your customers choose where.

  • Your i=Change Shopify app engages every customer after they have purchased
  • Customers get to choose where the donation goes
  • 100% of donations are forwarded to the customers chosen charity
  • Donations are tax deductible


Track the impact on your live giving page with 100% transparency.

  • Track your impact in real-time
  • Provide 100% transparency to your customers
  • Create a custom display of your donations raised in real-time on your own site with our API
  • Access content to communicate your impact across your channels


Analytics track engagement, growth and impact of purpose-driven campaigns

  • Track customer engagement in your analytics dashboard
  • Add impact messages into the customer journey. See how your giving drives growth
  • Track your campaigns, such as ‘Double Donations’. Drive conversions without discounting

Demonstrate your brands commitment to creating change  and witness the transformative impact of cause-related marketing

As consumers become increasingly socially conscious, prioritising brands that align with their values and contribute to meaningful causes, integrating cause-related marketing into your strategy has become imperative for establishing a purpose-driven brand and ensuring long-term success. By doing so, you not only attract and retain customers who are passionate about effecting change but also cultivate trust and loyalty.


The i=Change Shopify donation app offers a distinctive solution for businesses seeking to give back and involve their customers in their sustainability journey. With over 50 NGO projects to choose from, customers can actively engage in creating a positive impact and monitor the outcomes with complete transparency. Solidify your brand’s commitment to making a difference in the world through seamless integration with our Shopify charity donation app.

Shopify Donation App Features

Weekly customer insights & analytics

Real-time giving tools to engage customers & drive growth

All NGO due diligence conducted & partnerships managed

100% donations forwarded

What Brands Are Saying

Clare & Pip
Co-founders, P.E Nation


Increase in transactions vs average


Increase in conversions vs average


Average order value increase vs average

The Seafolly


Increased ROAS vs average


Increased conversions vs no discount


ROI (new revenue vs campaign cost)

Gabrielle Manning


transaction increase vs average week


transaction increase vs average week


ROI (campaign revenue vs cost)

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  • Join a growing retail & consumer movement
  • Accelerate your sustainability journey with 100% transparency
  • Meet consumer expectations that their choice = change