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  • Bond-Eye Group CEO & Founder, Steve Philpott joins i=Change in sharing his giving back journey, creating change for women and girls worldwide.

    Bond-Eye Group, CEO & Founder

    Steve Philpott
  • Margie-Woods-Founder-&-Creative Director-Viktoria-&-Woods-and-Anna-Marsden-Managing-Director-Great-Barrier-Reef-Foundation

    Viktoria & Woods, Founder & Creative Director & the Great Barrier Reef Foundation, Managing Director

    Margie Woods & Anna Marsden
  • Bechara-Shamieh-and-Eric-Boone-CEO-Co-Founder-Partner-ESG-Strategic-Advisory-Special-Projects-Lead-at-Madison-Marcus

    Madison Marcus, CEO & Co-Founder and Partner & ESG & Strategic Advisory & Special Projects Lead

    Bechara Shamieh & Eric Boone
  • Alison-Hudson-Marketing-Manager-at-Adrift

    Adrift, Marketing Manager

    Alison Hudson
  • Gabrielle Requena, CEO and Founder of Wrinkles Schminkles

    Wrinkles Schminkles, CEO & Founder

    Gabrielle Requena
  • Anthony-Chesler-CEO-of-Thread-Together

    Thread Together, CEO

    Anthony Chesler
  • Nataliya-from-thread-together

    is restarting her life

  • Cath-Hoban-from-CARE-Australia

    CARE Australia, Director of Fundraising & Marketing

    Cath Hoban
  • Jodi-Cornish-Head-of-Programs-and-Operations-at-SurfAid

    SurfAid, Head of Programs & Operations

    Jodi Cornish
  • Brianna-Casey-Foodbank-Australia-CEO

    Foodbank Australia, CEO

    Brianna Casey
  • Craig-McMillan-from-ACF

    Australian Childhood Foundation, National Executive Manager - Partnerships, Fundraising & Marketing

    Craig McMillan
  • Foodbank-Australia-staff-providing-food-for-kids-in-Australia

    is receiving the help she needs

  • Banner-of-Basil-and-Geoff-Karam-founders-of-Life-Interiors

    Life Interiors, CEO

    Basil Karam
  • Alison-Covington-Founder-and-Managing-Director-of-Good360

    Good360 Australia, Founder & Managing Director

    Alison Covington AM
  • at Salisbury high school

  • Tara-Hunter-Director-Client-and-Clinicial-Services-at-Full-Stop-Australia

    Full Stop Australia, Director, Client & Clinical Services

    Tara Hunter
  • Associate-Professor-Samantha-Oakes-Director-of-Research-Investment-at-NBCF

    National Breast Cancer Foundation, Director of Research Investment

    Associate Professor Samantha Oakes
  • Adrian-Murdoch-Strategic-Relationships-Team-Lead-at-Minus18

    Minus18, Strategic Relationships Lead

    Adrian Murdoch
  • Nayomi-Kannangara-Head-of-Global-Programs-at-Save-The-Children-Headshot

    Save the Children, Head of Global Programs

    Nayomi Kannangara
  • Kristy-Oldroyd-Beyond-Blue-Support-Service-Operation-Lead-Headshot

    Beyond Blue, Head of Fundraising & Philanthropy & Supports Service Operation Lead

    Sharon Hillman & Kirsty Oldroyd
  • Nick-Pearce-CEO-and-Co-Founder-of-HoMie

    HoMie, CEO & Funding Manager

    Nick Pearce & Jack Howes
  • Rachel-Lowry-Chief-Conservation-Officer-for-WWF-Australia

    WWF Australia, Chief Conservation Officer

    Rachel Lowry
  • Simone-Clarke-CEO-UN-Women-Australia

    UN Women Australia, CEO

    Simone Clarke
  • Trudi-Mitchell-Australia-for-UNHCR-CEO

    Australia for UNHCR, CEO

    Trudi Mitchell
  • Carol-Kavurma-Look-Good-Feel-Better-General-Manager

    Look Good Feel Better, General Manager

    Carol Kavurma
  • Madeline-Vaughan-CEO-of-Adara-Group

    Adara Development, CEO & Nepal Country Director

    Madeline Vaughan & Pralhad Dhakal
  • Jana-Favero-ASRC-Director-of-Advocacy-and-Campaigns

    ASRC, Director of Advocacy & Campaigns & Victorian Organiser

    Jana Favero & Saajeda Samaa
  • Georgina-Honner-Greening-Australia-Relationship-Development-Lead

    Greening Australia, CEO & Relationship Development Lead

    Brendan Foran & Georgina Honner
  • Dr-Mahi-Paquette-Seabin-Foundation-CEO

    Seabin Foundation, CEO

    Dr Mahi Paquette
  • Dave-Husy-Deputy-CEO-from-Plan-International-Australia

    Plan International Australia, Deputy CEO of Impact & Disaster & Risk Program Manager

    Dave Husy & Sara Sinada
  • Sarah-Donnelley-ALNF-Director-of-Projects

    The Australian Literacy & Numeracy Foundation, Director of Projects

    Sarah Donnelley
  • Monique-Keighery-Redkite-CEO

    Redkite, CEO

    Monique Keighery