Adrian Murdoch

Minus18, Strategic Relationships Lead

Minus18, Adrian Murdoch

Provide LGBTQIA+ education

Minus18 delivers education and training in schools across Australia, transforming communities and enabling others to champion inclusivity.

On the 20th of September 2023, we welcomed Minus18 on the alarming issue of 66% of Australian LGBTQIA+ youth experiencing bullying or harassment based on their identity.

Education for students and teachers is key to creating an Australia free from discrimination, both in and out of the classroom.

Key insights

What does Minus18 do? 


Our mission is to create Australia as a place where people are inclusive and accepting of LGBTQIA+ people.

Minus18 started in 1998 when Nan McGregor, a proud mum of a gay son, held some of Australia’s first underage LGBTQIA+ events when she realised there weren’t many spaces and positive environments for the community.

What are the impacts of the funds raised for Minus18 through the i=Change platform? 


In the short time we have been working with i=Change, we’ve raised $4,000 and counting. This has allowed for more than 300 participants to attend a workshop, that is more than 10 classrooms.

We work a lot with year 9s and year 10s at a school but this is 300 young people who feel a lot more empowered to support a peer or a queer young person who feels seen and validated.

Every $15 raised enables one participant to attend a workshop

Be the change today. 

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