Dr Cynthia Muang

ensures mothers & babies survive childbirth

Location: Mae Sot, Thai / Myanmar border
Weather: 31 degrees

“Since 1989, the Mae Tao clinic has been providing health and protection services for women, children, vulnerable migrants and refugees along the Thai-Myanmar border”.

We deliver thousands of babies every year at the clinic. We always have to find a way to save a woman’s life”.

Dr Cynthia Maung, an ethnic Karen, fled her native Burma during the pro-democracy uprising of 1988 and set up the Mae Tao Clinic. Each year over 150,000 people are treated. Dr Cynthia has advanced the cause of peace in the Asia Pacific region and upheld the highest humanitarian traditions of the medical profession.

In 2013, Dr Cynthia won the Sydney Peace Prize.

Everything changed again in 2021, when the Myanmar military launched an offensive against a fledgling pro-democracy movement in Myanmar. Enormous brutality followed. It is believed more than 5,600 civilians have been killed since February 2021.

The Clinic always had a prosthetics ward for landmine victims. Sadly this part of the clinic has become busy again, supporting innocent civilians who are indiscriminately targeted.

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