Nan Tin

wants her baby to have bigger dreams

“I hope my baby will do well, have a better chance than I – that she can be educated and even go to university. My husband has big dreams for her. He wants her to have a beautiful life without working too hard. I would love if she could become official staff for the government.

I’ve been working in a factory for three years. My father is an electrician. My mother works in sewing factory. We have a work visa here in Thailand, so I can work legally. By giving birth in Thailand, my baby will have a chance to become more than us – compared to the chances we have in Myanmar”.

At the Mae Tao Clinic, for $50 women can give birth safely. Eastern Burma has one of the highest rates of infant and maternal death in the world. For women who make it to the clinic across the river border in Thailand, their chances to give birth safely are significantly higher, giving the next generation the opportunity for a healthier, brighter future.

By being born in Thailand, children get access to an identity card which gives them the opportunity – while not guaranteed – to have the same rights as a Thai citizen. Thailand is the most developed country in the region, a destination for migrants and refugees from neighbouring countries, like Myanmar.

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